How we work, and why we do it that way.

A Quick Overview

We’re a team of experienced software engineers and designers with a passion for developing beautiful software. Take a look at examples of gorgeous websitesweb applications, and mobile apps that we’ve built.

While many software development companies only utilize specific technologies and frameworks for every project, we’ll help you build whatever you need and not force one specific way of doing it on you. We’ll use our extremely diverse skills to find the right approach and technology for your project.


After you contact us, we’ll discuss the goals for your new project. If you already have a product or service that you are looking to improve, we’ll talk about what doesn’t work and strategize ways to make it better. If it is a web or software application, we’ll isolate the core concepts of your app and plan features for the first and future iterations of your product. If it is a website, we’ll discuss your target market, potential competitors, and what you’d like to communicate through your website.

After your goals are clear, we will decide on a timeline for the project, generate an estimate, get your approval, and get started!


Unless you have specified a particular technology for the project, we won’t immediately choose one. We believe that a great application or website is designed first, then built. We’ll find the technology that best accomplishes this design and your goals.

The planning process consists of generating the information architecture and user experience (the way people interact with your product/service) for your website or application. After we have crafted these items, we’ll present each of them to you for approval and revise according to your feedback. Once approved, development begins.


The right mix for your project

Our simple process


During development, we’ll take your goals, along with the ideas, concepts, and designs from the planning stage and make them a reality. Although this process is somewhat invisible at first, we’ll begin showing your website or application to you when it begins to closely resemble the design.

After the application or website is feature-complete and resembles the finished product, testing will begin. During this process, we will perform exhaustive testing and encourage you to do the same. If applicable, we’ll even help you set up a beta testing program where your prospective users can assist with testing as well.


Once testing is complete and the finishing touches have been applied to your website or application, we’ll make preparations for launch. We’ll form a plan and schedule for all items that must be completed for a successful launch. If necessary, we’ll move any existing data or migrate any settings you need.

Finally, we’ll execute the plan and deploy it! After it has been launched, we’ll help you monitor usage and manage feedback from users for future versions of your application or website.

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