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Keep all your sites in check.

If you’re tired of being the last one to find out your site’s down, then you’ll love Web Monitor. It’s a smart tool that checks to see if your websites are up and running like you’d expect. If something’s amiss, you’ll get a notification so you can get right on it and minimize any downtime you might experience. So now you can stop constantly visiting your site just to see if it’s running. Unless you just want to, of course.

What People are Saying

I have been looking for a cheap (non-monthly payments) web monitor for a while. I really like this app because of the Growl notifications (this app works well with prowl OR howl for iOS) and the setup is extremely straightforward and fast.

I’m so glad this app exists! Now I can tell if I’m really getting the most out of my web hosting, or if I should switch. Turns out, this app showed me I should switch because of my host’s excessive downtime!

I love Web Monitor – simple, streamlined, does exactly what it needs to do.

I have been looking for this exact app for years. I manage a few high profile websites and this app has already saved me a few times. I hated when a client would call me if their site was down... those days are gone!

As someone who runs several blogs, I’m so happy I can tell which are functioning properly with just a glance.

I've been needing web monitoring service for years, but last I checked I balked at the exorbitant prices or convoluted setup. This app is exactly what I need to make sure my storefronts are running.


  • Fast and easy setup
  • Smart checks: Web Monitor checks that your site is up, but also makes sure it’s showing the right content
  • Growl notification integration
  • Can check your site on any interval you specify

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