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Twalkin an iPhone App

About Twalkin

Twalkin = Talking + Twitter

Twalkin is a service that allows you to communicate with others over Twitter via voice at the touch of a button. To do so, you create a “Twalk”, which is essentially a private or public teleconference. Then, Twalkin allows you to easily invite others via Twitter to join the Twalk.

Example uses of Twalkin include:

  • Have a private chat with your closest friends
  • Make a big announcement while your team or fans listen
  • Hold a conference call with a select few speakers

App Description

The Twalkin iPhone app was developed as a fully-featured counterpart of the Twalkin Website. It allows users to manage their Twalkin account settings, browse Twalks, create a Twalk, invite others, and manage your Twalk by booting or muting individual people. The app utilizes push notifications to alert you when you are invited to a Twalk, which allows you to join in at the touch of a button.

App Walkthrough

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